Human, Earth, Heavens
In Light of Ghodratollah Agheliís Statues

Nature is manís trustee guarding the mystery of life. His journey of contemplating his inner self is full of symbols and patterns inspired by nature. Manís comparing and relativist mind is always trying to comprehend relations while all its outer manifestations are based on such comprehension.
The forms, patterns and objects of nature and the relations between them on one hand, and the mysterious equivalency and proportions established between subjective meanings and notions and objective truths on the other have always been the starting point of creative products of human mind. From philosophy, art and literature to industry and natural sciences, all human knowledge and science is dependent upon symbols taken from nature expressed in words or objects.
Because of his hidden nature and the flow of his consciousness man is on one hand standing on earth and on the other hand connected to heavens. Manís movement is in essence a turn in the path towards creating a harmony between internal and external factors in well-defined proportions.
Man rises from the ground and searches his external balance in connection with earth establishing it with a connection to heavens as if the extraterrestrial space between earth and heavens was a symbol for his perfectionism and internal grandeur. However, reaching perfection and unity can be realized when manís movement on earth is in harmony with his internal attempts. There is a mysterious order and proportion hidden in nature which contains the mystery and key to this equivalency movement. Golden (or the basic) proportion is among the original proportions of nature beautifully portraying the dynamism of life and explaining the relationship between man, symbols and inherent forms of nature. By studying this known proportion the traces of which is found in all external manifestations of nature as well as works created by man, the meaning behind manís movement for knowing his self is portrayed.
The base of lifeís dynamism can be explained through the initial triad of golden proportions, a Ďunití expressing the a priori essence which can be called meaning, spirit or understanding finding external manifestation later in a point of dimension (time, place, matter or energy) however still an unformed existence. With the formation of the third side, a harmonious proportion and a unique structure is created providing it with the power to create and move. This is a unit divided through golden proportion having the potential to create another unit with similar idiosyncrasies and the first moving force towards perfection is created through the formation of a golden cube. Cube is the sign of love, the love of a context and framework containing all that is required for an internal and external perfection. It is the most perfect element which can guide man in her womb in a context harmonious with the mechanisms and dynamisms of life towards perfection and sublimation without any attachment or need to an external element. Manís journey towards perfection starts from within the cube and as the regular faces increase in golden proportion at the gravitation center of the cube, the development continues till reaching its totality, i.e. the sphere.
In the process of transformation and metamorphosis the six sides of the cube (left, right, up, down, front and back) obeying the power of parallel lines and surfaces, the orderly and rigid structure of the cube is disturbed and the force vectors begin to move in all directions creating the dynamic form of sphere.
The sphere creates the existence of existence and the fluid and active essence of nature filling the infinitude of space with its micro and macro existence.

Bijan Sasani
Feb. 2011